Message from the desk of Principal

Dear Parents

           As all of you are aware, there are two parts to your child’s complete development school and home. For your child to realize his potential,  MATA SUKHDEVI PUBLIC SCHOOL and you must work in tandem. Without your support, we cannot even come close to achieving the best for your child.

          Right now our school is standing at the threshold of a glorious path. There are dreams to be fulfilled, goals to be achieved and new laurels to be won and horizons to be widened. So it is my great pleasure to welcome your all to a wonderful family called MATA SUKHDEVI PUBLIC SCHOOL. Our children are precious and I believe that you have made a wise decision in entrusting us with your child’s future and time will prove the worthiness of your choice.

           I would like to quote from the now famous letter of President Abraham Lincoln to the headmaster of his son “Teach him always to have sublime faith in mankind.”
May you all shine in the splendor of gods blessing.

With regards,

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