Message from the desk of Director

 Mrs. Lalita Yadav   

Commitments/words of Director:

I believe in creating schools that provide quality education that is strongly rooted in values. I have tried to build a unique education system that helps to maximize a child’s potential. I remain deeply involved in my school and make it a point to meet all our stake holders,right from children to parent and teachers. Since the time I have come on board I have encouraged our school to act as center for positive social enhancements and upliftments. And that has been success is a great extent.

As the matter of fact, technology is an integral part of our present as well as future. Our IT labs are well equipped and all our educators are computer literate and have access to all the modern technical knowhow. No technology can replace the human teacher. We prefer smart teachers over the smart classes. But we are not totally against teaching through smart classes. Our teachers have been using the technology as a supplementary aid.

My Challenges:

I believe that education has been a victim of extreme negligence from the time immemorial. The Great noble laureate of our country Rabinderanath Tagore stressed the need to change the education system in India. Rote learning still plagues our system. Things have sunken to inertia, moral corruption and lack of initiative. There are various system failures that do not allow good system to bloom. A very hollow teaching system at primary level and an all pass promotion policy is the root cause of a very poor academic foundation in the country. The future seems bleak and the quality quotient is declining fast, which is contradictory to our objective.

Improvements needed are…..

We can achieve the good education system by harvesting good teachers from today’s mushroom institutions.

A teacher affects the life of a student for eternity. It is a fact that no amount of state of the art infrastructure or technology can equal the role of a teacher. The day when teaching becomes the first choice and not the last resort for our young generation it is then only the system will begin to change.

Hence, efforts to elevate teaching quality should be a priority.

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