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….is one where you do not have to make choices. Choices between performance in boards or competitive exams. Choices between academics and extracurricular activities. Choices between learning and remembering. And most importantly choices between enjoying education and being stressed by it.

MATA SUKHDEVI PUBLIC SCHOOL ensures good education. Good education is something that nurtures the innate abilities of a child. It ensures that the child grows aesthetically, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Good education should foster creativity, sensitivity, compassion and care. It is value-based asset that leads to the growth of socially responsible, environmentally conscious and innovative human beings. Education is not just a passport to good life, but a potent and prominent process that enables children to develop holistically.

Extra Curricular
Creating Global Indian Citizens

Recognizing the fact that schools need to play a proactive role in nurturing and developing Personalities and preparing the Students as global citizens with a strong grounding in Indian value system, MSPS aim for :

1. Proficient & confident communication ability for each & every student.

2. lnculcating sports/exercises as a discipline for physical fitness throughout the life for each student.
3. Improvement of memory & IQ.Enhancement of  mental, physical and spiritual well being, awareness & growth with intensive yoga & meditation for each student.
4. Instilling Indian culture & values for each student, not to learn all this as History & Geography but learn to live like that.
5. Developing personality traits (focus, effective communication, leadership ability, determination, strategic planning, pro-active approach, handling failures, stress, etc.) & positive attitude required for success.

Individual Development Program(IDP) :

• In most of the schools, focus is either on the best students or on the worst students.
• Good amount of efforts are made to make the best and the worst a little better.
• However, in this process - the majority of the medicore students are neglected.
• Recognizing this major anomaly in the current education system, Mata Sukhdevi School has come up with a unique Individual Development Program (IDP).
• IDP through an ongoing Mentorship endeavors to provide equal opportunities to every single student.
• The mentorship is individualized. IT’s sole objective is to identify, develop and enhance the inherent talent / skills in every single student.
• Not restricted to the academic aspects only, IDP ensures the development of the core soft / life skills of the students.
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