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Today if there is any institution which exerts the greatest influence after the family , it is the school . MATA SUKHDEVI PUBLIC SCHOOL years spent in school are not merely time spent in learning and filling minds with knowledge , but also time spent in moulding the character , acquiring various attitudes and imbibing basic principles of life . The basic traits of a personality are formed during school days only .

MATA SUKHDEVI PUBLIC SCHOOL is a mini society , where all types of moral , democratic , secular values , leadership values are developed among the students which play an important role in a democratic set up of a country as students of today are the citizen of tomorrow .


"Our vision is a school in which every child attains the right to survival , protection , development and participation which aligns with the shifts in the global economy , society and environment . Mata Sukhdevi public School aims to be an institution of excellence dedicated to producing leaders of tomorrow . "


To fulfill the vision , Mata Sukhdevi Public School provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential . The school attracts the best talent-students , teachers and facilitators without distinction of race , caste or social status .

Mata Sukhdevi Public School , a senior secondary school maintains a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill . In particular . Its mission is to attain the highest academic standards .

In addition the school aims at the broader development of the complete personality of its students by creating.

  • An Understanding And Appreciation Of India's Rich Culture .

  • A Sense Of Integrity , Ethics And Uncompromising Honesty .

  • Strong Secular Ethos .

  • Leadership , With A Sense Of Team Work And Fair Play .

  • An Awareness of the Environment .

  • A Concern For The Less Fortunate .

  • A Concern For Human Rights And Democratic Values .

  • A Questioning Mind And A spirit Of Adventure .

  • In Realizing its Mission , Mata Sukhdevi Public School At All Times Be Finacially Viable And Independent


Lt. Mata Sukhdevi Ji
Simple Living & High Thinking was her belief and she lived with it all her life. Strong bonds with her roots and dreams as high as the sky. It was her dream that every child born should get his/her basic right, "Right of Education “Her desire to make every child a better human being laid the basis for our motto "Vidya Dadati Vinayam".
Lt. Sh. Niader Singh Yadav
A symbol of simplicity, sincerity and selflessness; personification of humility and unswerving devotion to duty . Mata Sukhdevi Public School is a standing monument to his vision and ceaseless efforts in creating a cradle for the citizen of tomorrow.
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